Jackie Huba

5 surprising things about word of mouth marketing

Social media marketing is still all the rage, but an important new book out from Ed Keller and Bray Fay reminds marketers where and how customers are actually talking about brands,services and companies. From their book, "The Face-to-Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital Marketplace," here's 5 important things you need to know […]

Get me a Kony 2012, stat!

This cartoon from our friend Tom Fishburne, “marketoonist” extrordinaire, was perfectly timed this week. With the Kony 2012 video becoming the most viral video of all time — 100 million views in 6 days — I’m wondering if it has renewed demands by the C-suite that their team get them a viral video ASAP.   […]

People trust people

[Click on chart to see larger version.] The latest edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer study just came out showing CEO’s in the dog house when it comes to being trusted. Who do people trust? Academic and tech experts, sure. But the biggest movers in the study are “a person just like me” and “regular […]

FedEx's apology: expertly delivered

We've seen this before: 1) company makes an egregious service mistake and is outed by a customer via a YouTube video, 2) video goes viral, 3) mainstream media picks up the story and amplifies it, 4) PR nightmare begins. This week's culprit is FedEx. A California FedEx driver is caught on a security-camera video flinging a […]

The simplest definition of word of mouth marketing

Nice video from WOMMA on the basics of word of mouth marketing.

14 new statistics about word of mouth marketing

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) has a neat infographic detailing the latest stats about word or mouth marketing, online and offline.  Source: WOMMA Note: the WOMMA Summit is coming up November 16-18 in Las Vegas. It’s a great conference to learn the latest WOM marketing techniques from leading brands and agencies.    

How Nordstrom creates word of mouth around the holidays

Retailers are scheduling holiday promotions earlier than ever this year, including Costco which started selling Christmas items on September 1. Nordstrom has a long tradition of bucking this trend and promoting their holiday wares after Thanksgiving. Result: people talk about this suprising stance offline and online. (This sign is from 2009 but it is getting […]

Steve Jobs

If you have never seen this video of Steve Jobs's commencement speech at Stanford, today is the day to watch. RIP Steve.

Where do most people talk about brands?

If you said Facebook or Twitter, i.e. social media, you would be incorrect. With all the (continued) hype about social media, it's still in face-to-face conversations where people discuss products and services the most. As you can see from this survey, even mobile and landline phone conversations (ear-to-ear?) rank very high. Lesson for marketers: have […]

Creating word-of-mouth for a cause, the Innocent Drinks way

How do you get your customers to rally behind a cause? Build in a word-of-mouth factor. Innocent Drinks, a UK-based smoothie and juice company, donates 10% of their profits to charity. One way they do this is their annual “Big Knit.” They ask customers to knit little hats for their bottles that will be displayed […]