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How to think like a rock star

Mack Collier is a social media strategist, trainer, and speaker who specializes in helping companies better connect with their customers and cultivate fans for their brands. His brand new book, “Think Like a Rock Star,” examines the marketing and social media strategies of actual rock stars like Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Jewel, Amanda Palmer and […]

What do you have #monsterloyalty for?

I love the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was born near Pittsburgh and watched them win 4 four Super Bowls as I was growing up in the ’70’s. I run the Steelers fan club here in Austin. I own six Terrible Towels and went to the Super Bowl in 2011 to see the Steelers play. When I was […]

Exclusive online Q&A on customer loyalty when you pre-order #MonsterLoyalty

With more than 35 million Twitter followers and 56 million Facebook fans, the woman previously known as Stefani Germanotta is now one of most well-known pop stars in the world. Without a day of business school, Lady Gaga has cultivated the kind of passionate following that businesses dream about. Now you can learn exactly what […]

Monster Loyalty giveaway contest

This contest is especially for all the Lady Gaga fans out there! There are a million reasons to remain a loyal fan to Mother Monster, and I want to hear yours. Pre-order my upcoming book Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics (Portfolio, May 2) and send your receipt to monsterloyalty@gmail.com, along with the reason you’re an […]

Changing the world, one Gaga at a time

It’s Lady Gaga‘s 27th birthday today. Her passionately loyal, worldwide fan base is sending her birthday wishes today but also sharing how she has changed their world for the better, through her music and actions. Her message of kindness, acceptance and tolerance is making a difference. Skeptical? Watch this video from Indonesian Little Monsters. Happy […]

70% of people trust online product recommendations from friends

[Click image to see a bigger version] A new study from Forrester shows that online content in the form of product or brands reviews is trusted by 70% of U.S. consumers. Not suprising but it adds to the voluminous set of resarch showing that word of mouth continues to be the most trusted form of […]

Maker's Mark listens to customers, reverses course on diluting bourbon

Almost one week ago, Bill Samuels Jr., son of the founder of Marker’s Mark bourbon, told customers he had made a giant mistake. He failed to forsee a worldwide surge in demand for premium bourbon when he was in charge of the brand six years ago. He said, as a result, Maker’s Mark was going […]

Want to be part of the Monster Loyalty book tour?

My forthcoming book, Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics, ships May 2, 2013. I’m planning a book tour and I’d love for you to help determine the tour schedule. From May through June 2013, I will visit 10 companies, association chapters, member groups, or what-have-you anywhere in North America to deliver a 60-minute, informative […]

New news about my upcoming book: Monster Loyalty

Readers of this blog have been hearing about my upcoming book about Lady Gaga’s loyalty lessons since last fall. A lots has changed in the last few months and I can finally announce some new news. The book has a new publisher, a new title, a new cover and a new availability date. My initial […]

How high will you fly in 2013?

Seth Godin wants you to fly closer to the sun.  As a marketer, I’ve been inspired over the years by Seth’s advice on permission marketing, being a Purple Cow, building a tribe and other customer-related activities. In recent years, I’ve watched Seth morph from marketing guru to the “Oprah of Business.” Seth wants us to […]