Jackie Huba

The eBay Cause

From the “Create a Cause” files: eBay’s annual customer conference is not about boring presentations and exhibition-floor tchotkes, and the 2003 confab held true to form. “For many of those who attended the meeting, which featured its own array of special-edition pins and trading cards, eBay, they said, is more than a company, it is […]

Tobacco marketing marks impossible new low

From the June/July issue of Event Marketer Magazine: “New cigarette company Freedom Tobacco last month began undercover ‘leaner’ programs in New York City and Miami. Eight-woman crews infiltrate nightlife venues Thursdays through Saturday (125 total venues per market, per month). Working in pairs, the ladies hang by the bar with a full, open pack of […]

Blogs are anti-marketing

There’s growing anecdotal evidence about the grassroots impact blogs can have on sales for companies, especially small businesses. Internet guru Dave Weinberger says blogs are a growing force in commerce because they provide a more powerful voice to individuals. “If companies allow their employees to blog, [they] have the opportunity of engaging their customer in […]

Customer evangelists support you in good times and in bad

If your business was in trouble, would your customer evangelists come to your rescue? A San Francisco neighborhood filled with book lovers has banded together to save the bookstore they love.

TiVo love is hard to fake

We need protection from product placement in “Sex in the City.” On Sunday’s show, Miranda tries to forget about Steve, the father of her baby, by becoming “romantically” involved with her TiVo. Miranda dutifully explains to her galpals that TiVo is better than a boyfriend while ticking off product features with more clarity than a […]

Speaking of Pittsburgh….

Some of its officials responsible for convincing residents to move downtown think advertising is the solution. An article by Post-Gazette columnist Brian O’Neill explains how $1.3 million is being spent on an advertising campaign to convince suburbanites to want to live downtown. What a waste of money. What’s going to really convince people to move? […]