Jackie Huba

Creating Customer Evangelists, the Harley Way

300,000 Harley-Davidson customer evangelists descend upon Milwaukee this week for the company’s 100th birthday bash. Rhonda Racklisse, a customer from Minot, Maine, rode some 1,800 miles with her husband and son to visit “the best family in the world.” “We’re all brothers and sisters,” she said. Another customer riding from Philadelphia to Milwaukee remarks, “it’s […]

See a pattern here?

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Build-A-Bear Workshop and now, Cold Stone Creamery Each one of these retail chains features an “assembly line” concept in their stores, and each one is enjoying runaway word of mouth and customer evangelism. The common threads: * Krispy Kreme stores are really small manufacturing sites where the doughnuts are raised through a […]

Announcing Customer Evangelism University

How does Bike Friday create a customer evangelist who has referred over $300,000 in business? Why does SolutionPeople have a network hub whose connections have resulted in $2 million in business? Our Customer Evangelism University explains why! Our “university” workshop has two programs: one day for anyone who wants full immersion into the world of […]

For IT directors everywhere

Reader Steve Neiderhauser pens a compelling essay on why companies should reconsider offshore software development. He skillfully applies several of the Customer Evangelism tenets to this issue.

Business is about people

We profiled the “Starwood Lurker” in our book as an example of a customer evangelism strategy. William Sanders is Starwood’s “Lurker” whose full time job is to patrol Internet discussion boards on travel and assist Starwood Preferred Guest members with issues about their stays or the points program. The Lurker is a Starwood employee and […]

Marketing to enthusiasts

Which framework do you use to outline your target customers? A) Men, 24-44, married, 2 children, income of $75,000+ B) People with an undying love and passion for high-performance cars Old-school marketers typically select category A. They see customers as a spreadsheet-driven data profile devoid of emotion or passion. Customer evangelism marketers typically select category […]

Now here's a product to evangelize…

Band-Aid brand Liquid Bandage. This new product puts a liquid “Band-Aid” on those cuts and scrapes in hard-to-deal-with places. Like your finger. I gouged my finger on a sharp edge of the stove Saturday. Gouged it good. I went through 10 regular Band-aids in one day because of washing my hands, cleaning, etc. I’d heard […]

Customer activism surges

Some people are volunteering to save soon-to-be extinct varieties of their favorite product. In a recent Beverage Magazine story, die-hard fans of Coca-Cola’s Surge soft drink have organized a grassroots campaign to save the drink. The campaign website, SaveSurge.org, is better than most community political campaigns. The group has an email newsletter, lists of Surge […]

Nike backlash

No posts last week… it was vacation time with the family. During my break, I noticed that my dad was sporting brand new white sneakers. When I had asked what brand, he wasn’t sure but was absolute in this belief: “They sure as hell aren’t Nike. I can’t support a company who gives $90 million […]

When companies declare war on their customers

Filene’s Basement department store recently banned two sisters for life from their stores. It seems the customers’ excessive returns and complaining was just too much. Managing unprofitable customers is one thing. But I’m sure the incredible amount of negative PR generated by this story isn’t what Filene’s was expecting. In fact, I was interviewed on […]