Jackie Huba

Who owns customer evangelism?

One of our Customer Evangelism Unversity graduates recently wrote: Our discussion internally is currently focused on trying to figure out who “owns” customer evangelism at our company. I’m pushing strongly that it NOT be marketing and be centered around either customer support or product management, as they are the two groups here who touch customers […]

Latest word of mouth research

New research into the dynamics of word of mouth finds that buzz spreads more quickly when it begins in different places or among people with different interests. Dispersion is key. The more widespread the discussions about your product or service, the better. “It’s not enough to say that we got 10 mentions for our product […]

Why TiVo hasn't "tipped"

If you missed our last email newsletter, we discussed how TiVo largely ignores its community of fervent customer evangelists. (Read the article here.) While TiVo has an evangelistic customer base that rivals Krispy Kreme’s, TiVo hasn’t made the leap to become a mass-market phenomenon because the company’s culture is rooted in sales, not evangelism. TiVo’s […]

Customer Evangelism University

We had a great class for Customer Evangelism University last week. Check out the picture of Ben kicking off the 2-day workshop in Chicago at the fabulous Catalyst Ranch. Attendees of Day 2 were trained as “evangelists” and built plans to integrate customer evangelism strategies in their companies. Here’s an email from a woman whose […]

Driving Customers Crazy

I was a statistic today. I yelled at a Fedex customer service rep on the phone. I lost the tracking number for a package we shipped on Friday. I called Fedex to discover its current whereabouts. Even though we have an account with Fedex, and I had answered a litany of questions ensuring my identify, […]

Rip Van Record, Part II

The New York Times has three informative articles about the file-sharing mess today. The best of the bunch articlulates why sharing is here to stay: The Sharing Society: Whatever Will Be Will Be Free on the Internet (ironically, the article is free online for a week, then ya gotta pay). In the article, artist David […]

Gauntlet of Love

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the stories about the incredible customer service at Nordstrom stores. A legendary story is about a customer who wanted to return his automobile tires, which the Nordstrom clerk cheerfully accepted even though the store doesn’t sell tires. But I’ve never heard this: When a new Nordstrom store opens, the […]

Showering with Paula Zahn

The Kimpton Group hotels have created evangelists out of us! There’s so much to evangelize: – The chic-ness of the hotel decor, without being pretentious – The free high-speed Internet access in every room – Great service from customer-focused employees – Gourmet restaurants in the hotels But there’s more… During our trip to San Francisco […]

Fast Company's New Blog

Fast Company magazine’s gotten into the blogging business. Fast Company’s Social Capitalist Heath Row has spearheaded the move into the blogosphere. (You may remember Heath from our book…he’s the one who also spearheaded the magazine’s readers network, called the Company of Friends.) The cool thing about this blog is that it includes posts by a […]

Evangelist as your title

Merrilee Olsen is a passionate advocate of the restaurant business, a lifelong restaurateur, and coach to the men and women who serve in the hospitality industry. Recently, Merrilee wrote us saying, “I love the work you & Ben are doing…and in fact I cribbed your title for my tagline…I’m a culinary industry coach and my […]