Jackie Huba

Where's the B2B Do Not Call List?

It happened again. An annoying call from a telemarketer. Keelan from AccuTax began his pitch by saying, “This is not a sales call.” He offered to send an AccuTax representative to help us look for overpaid taxes on previous years’ returns and see what kind of big-money refund we could get. This review would be […]

Creating an edge with good design

For companies with massively sized competitors, incorporating good design into all aspects of the customer experience is a distinct competitive advantage. For Apple, which has to compete with Microsoft and Dell in software and hardware, Apple continually wins the niche categories by trouncing them with outstanding design. Good design is how tiny, San Francisco-based Method […]

Howard Dean: Turning Supporters into Evangelists

Much has been written about Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean’s unconventional campaign. He’s using the Internet and the open source model to rally people, raise money and spread the word. Now, an excellent eWeek article outlines some of the strategies and tactics of Dean’s success and how technology is a linchpin to the campaign’s ability […]

Krispy Kreme Mania

On October 27, we traveled a few hours south to witness the mania that is a Krispy Kreme store opening. It was cold and rainy at 5 a.m. in Mishawaka, Indiana, but that didn’t deter about 75 people from gathering for the opening of a new store about two miles from the campus of Notre […]

Be yourself and build the buzz

Lynne Marie Parson forwarded an email from a friend about funky online CD retailer CD Baby. As the following email demonstrates, being quirky, personable and authentic are key to creating emotional relationships with customers, which certainly helps spread buzz. From: Tess Date: Mon Nov 3, 2003 3:42:38 PM To: xxxxx@xxx.com Subject: Teresa – Your CD […]

Church of Apple

Apple Computer’s introduction of iTunes for Windows was classic Apple marketing. CEO Steve Jobs, clad in his standard uniform of jeans, black mock turtleneck and sneakers, hosted the launch party at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and I watched the webcast in my jammies, eating breakfast at the computer (a Dell). Jobs is the […]

Viral Marketing with a Cause

Meet the The Meatrix (Make sure your speakers are turned up.)

Reality distortion machine

Recent comments from Donny Deutsch, chairman and CEO of Deutsch Inc., a $2.4 billion advertising firm, indicate the level of denial within the advertising industry. Delusion #1: “I think people like advertising. It’s not going to go away.” Reality: 78.3 percent of consumers say Internet pop-up ads are very annoying, says Gartner research. Moreover, 51 […]

The Cubs' new cause

Chicagoans have a long and storied cause: the Cubs. The Cubs’ devastating loss last night in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series at Wrigley Field has put the entire city into a funk. We were left at the altar after so much wedding-day anticipation. Chicago’s perennially losing Major League Baseball team has not […]

All in the Email Family

Ryan Zuk of Phoenix recently told us how a local restaurant, Foster’s Seafood, is creating customer evangelists: The restaurant owner, Bill Deacon, puts his heart and soul into personally maintaining an e-mail newsletter for thousands of customers. On the surface, his efforts are rewarded by repeat business and local reviews archived on www.fostersseafood.com. The restaurant […]