Jackie Huba

How the community generates buzz

Items from the buzz files: * Two cops camp out atop Krispy Kreme stores in Gwinnett County, Georgia for several days to raise money for charity. * Two guys take off work, dress up in Krispy Kreme costumes including faux aprons, papier mache doughnut crowns and two jumbo coffee cups, and camp outside to get […]

Can a bicycle change your life?

It did for Lynette Chiang. While working as a copywriter for advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Chiang purchased a bike in 1996 and decided it was time to see the world. She ordered a $995 custom-built unit from Oregon-based Bike Friday as her vehicle; the company hand-makes each machine — which folds up and fits into a small suitcase — […]

TV ads don't sell cars, people do

$18.4 billion. That’s what automobile manufacturers spent last year on TV advertising. Car companies are the largest purchasers of television advertising time. Is it worth it? Cap Gemini Ernst & Young asked that question, too by researching agents of influence in the car-buying process. U.S. consumers were asked what ultimately influenced their purchase decision: * […]

Pining for plasma

Not a week after reading this Wall Street Journal article about hotels installing flat screen TVs in their rooms, I experienced it. Last week, I stayed at the Millennium Hilton in New York City. The hotel’s website said it had 42-inch plasma screens in every room. OK, I’m there! Upon check-in, the hotel assigned me […]

Viral Dean

The Howard Dean campaign continues to show us marketers a thing or two. Its latest tactic: a viral email postcard. Its birth and rapid viral nature are brilliant. Here’s how it unfolded: * Jan 7: “Club for Growth,” a conservatave political advocacy organization, launches its first anti-Dean TV ad. It portrays an elderly couple approached […]

Bite-size learning

A British college is employing one of the six tenets of customer evangelism: bite-size chunks. Northampton College has launched free learning programs to help adults feel better about education. The college’s first bite-size program: a do-it-yourself course to navigate the frustrating maze of flat-pack furniture. The free, three-hour course guides students through indecipherable Ikea instructions […]

Philadelphia freedom

Southwest Airlines signed sponsorship agreements last week with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Philadelphia Phillies. The sponsorships are part of Southwest’s ongoing smart strategy to embed itself into local communities by tapping in to widespread community passions. If anything, Philadelphia is sports-crazy. [We wrote about Southwest’s sponsorship of the Chicago Cubs and […]

Marketing, deli-style

Zingerman’s has been called the most famous deli in America. Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, fixture for food, explains his company’s marketing strategy in a Reveries Magazine interview: We create a lot of written materials that we give out in-house, in the belief that the more we share information and education with […]

When car fires burn brightly

I received a pleasant surprise in the mail today. It was a gift from my car dealer. (Readers of this blog may recall that I bought a MINI Cooper last month.) Immediately, I was impressed that a car dealer sent a thank-you gift. Of all the times I’ve purchased a car, whether it was a […]

My Mini and me

I just put a deposit down on a new car, and so far the buying process has been, dare I say, pleasant. No pressure-wracking salesperson. No probing questions about a trade in. No hours spent haggling over price with back-and-forth between a manager. I have been admiring the BMW Mini Cooper since its 2001 launch, […]