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Q&A with the author of new book, What Great Brands Do


Denise Lee Yohn is the author of the new book, What Great Brands Do, which illustrates how the world’s greatest brands have elevated brand-building from a niche marketing function and use their brand as a strategic management tool that guides every aspect of their business. I asked Denise a few questions about the book and here’s our […]

Beyoncé Uses Only Word Of Mouth To Market Surprise New Album

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Click here to read my Forbes.com column on how Queen Bey changed the way blockbuster albums are marketed: no $$, just word of mouth.  Photo credit: Mason Poole

Why are companies focused more on customer acquisition vs. retention?

Marketoonist Tom Fishburne sums up what I believe is the biggest mistake marketers make: focusing on acquiring new customers as the expense of existing customers. We all know it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer. According to Bain, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a […]

How Lady Gaga co-marketed new ARTPOP album with her diehard fans

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Lady Gaga’s long awaited third album drops today. Check out my new Forbes article here about how she marketed the album with her Little Monsters. Photo credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Q&A with the authors of The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking, and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing

Robbi Phillips, Greg Cordell, Geno Church, and John Moore, authors of Brains on Fire and executives from Brains on Fire, a word of mouth marketing and “movement igniting” company, are out with a new book, The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking, and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing. The book focuses on the marketing business as a people business. It asserts […]

Great marketing starts conversations

“What does Outbox do? This is the question I asked the uniformed person that just got out of this crazy looking car in front of my condo building recently. The Outbox employee explained that it is a service that picks up your physical mail, scans it, and allows you to access the digital scans from […]

7 things you didn't understand about @LadyGaga's #VMA performance, unless you are a Little Monster

“What the heck are these blue balls in Lady Gaga’s MTV Music Video Awards peformance Sunday night?” That’s the question I got emailed this week from a friend of mine. Since I wrote a book about how Lady Gaga built her loyal fan base, he thought I would know. Well, this confusion from my friend is a classic Gaga technique for […]

Influencers vs. brand advocates: confuse them at your own peril

Marketers are looking to get more word of mouth for their products and services and are investigating building influencer and advocate programs. Before you do this, it’s imperative to know the difference between influencers and advocates as I find they are often confused by marketers. Influencer campaigns can be good for short term buzz. But […]

Bruno Mars makes fans feel like rock stars

Billed as the “first ever Instagram music video made by YOU!” Bruno Mars is featuring fans dancing to his hit “Treasure” in a new website called TreasureDance.com. The site looks for videos posted with the hashtag #TreasureDance on Instagram, takes the newest 100 videos and places them in a random sequence alongside Bruno Mars’s preexisting […]

How to go Beyond Humanizing your Brand

The following is a guest post from my friend Jay Baer, based on his new book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype. Consumers are being subjected to an invitation avalanche, with every company of every size, shape, and description asking people to like them, follow them, friend them, click, share, and +1 them. […]