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I’m speaking at Social Media Week Austin!

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Excited to announce that I’ll be doing an hour-long talk at Social Media Week Austin on Monday, February 27 at noon at the Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress Ave. Here’s the title/description of my talk:

Find Your Evangelists: How to Build a Loyal Following For Your Company, Organization or Cause

When customers are truly thrilled about their experience with a product/service/organization, they can become outspoken fans for the brand. This community of customer evangelists can grow one’s audience through the most effective form of marketing: word of mouth. By deepening relationships with one’s most engaged customers, successful organizations can create communities that generate grassroots support and value for their products and services.
* Learn how to find “One Percenters,” the highly engaged fans that drive word of mouth for a brand.
* Understand how leading with values creates an emotional connection with like-minded followers.
* Learn ways to give followers something to talk about. Social media is a word of mouth jet stream and we must create experiences worth posting.

If you are interested in attending Social Media Week Austin, use the code BRAINTRUST30 for a 30% discount on registration.

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