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Only 8 spots on the #FiercelyYou book tour: grab one now!

FiercelyYou_F_3DCover_WhiteBackgroundMy forthcoming book, Fiercely You: Be Fabulous and Confident by Thinking Like a Drag Queen, ships August 15, 2016. We’ve gotten some amazing early praise for the book. Claire Shipman, coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Confidence Code says, “By weaving together critical research, compelling examples, and lively storytelling, Fiercely You shows us how to bring our boldest, most fearless selves to any challenging situation. This book is a game-changer.” And RuPaul himself gave us a blurb for the front cover!

BIG NEWS: I’m planning a book tour and I’d love for you to help determine the tour schedule.

In September and October, I will visit 8 companies, association chapters, member groups, or what-have-you anywhere in North America to deliver a 30-45 minute talk plus a Q&A about how to achieve your goals through building confidence, letting go of your fears, and become your most fierce self. I’ll explain the 5 Keys to Fierce, practical lessons I learned from the experts (aka drag queens) and doing drag myself on how to ignore criticism and live life more fearlessly. I will also detail the psychological research that supports each of these Keys. Audience members will leave inspired with new insights on becoming the amazing person they see inside their heads and feel in their hearts.

If you want to grab a spot on the book tour, your group  just needs to:

  • purchase at least 100 books for attendees by 8/14. I have a special discount for book tour participants of 40% off cover price, $11.37 per book plus shipping.
  • cover travel expenses ($2,000 flat fee).

The tour dates in September and October are first-come, first-serve. Once the 8 dates are booked, they’re gone. (Outside of this time, normal keynote speaking fees of $15K will apply.)

If you’re interested, email me ASAP at jackie [at] jackiehuba.com with the subject line “Fiercely You book tour.” The first group to have a signed agreement for a date gets it!

UPDATE (7/12): Three dates are locked in. Only 5 left!

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