Jackie Huba

STUDY: Outstanding customer service = more $$ and more word of mouth

customer-serviceWant to get more people talking about your company? Don’t hire “influencers.” Instead offer amazing, blow-your-mind service instead. A new survey from American Express finds that outstanding service prompts customers to open both their wallets and their mouths. The survey finds:

  • More than two thirds of American consumers say they’re willing to spend 14% more on average with a company that they believe delivers excellent service.
  • Nearly half of the survey’s respondents say they always tell others about good service interactions (46%), telling an average of eight people.
  • Two in five Americans (42%) say that a recommendation from a friend or family member is most likely to get them to try doing business with a new company, even more than a sale or promotion (34%) or a company’s reputation (15%).

On the flip side, if you have horrible service, the study finds that people will talk about you even more. 60% of respondants said they always share bad service experiences and they tell nearly three times as many people (an average of 21 people vs. 8 people who talk about good service).

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