Jackie Huba

A neat thing happened at my keynote last week…..


Last week, I did a keynote talk for the IncentiveWorks conference in Toronto After seeing my talk (based on my book, Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics), one of the attendees, told me through tears, that for the first time ever, she understood her twin sons’ love for Lady Gaga.

Her sons, now 19, are both gay and were terribly bullied when they were in school. In my talk, I spoke about Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and her efforts to eradicate bullying. Her sons suffered a lot from their intolerant schoolmates but decided in their junior year to perform in the school talent show. They are talented dancers and choreographed a dance to Gaga’s song “Telephone.”  The proud mom told me: “That show was a turning point in their lives – both teachers and students earning respect through their talent and how people felt during their performance and were now taking time to talk with them or coming up in the halls to congratulate them or introduce themselves from all grades.”  I love how Gaga is changing lives : )

I was so grateful that she shared her story with me, and I could help shed light on why her boys love Gaga so much. Thank you, Tina.  Best of luck to you, Ryan and Spencer!

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