Jackie Huba

Lesser-known brands creatively use video to promote their businesses

Small brands don’t have the budget for television ads, even local ones. But who needs a TV ad budget, when you have YouTube. On YouTube, there no censors (mostly) and creativity is what causes videos to spread. Check out these two fantastic videos of businesses you’ve probably never heard of.

Hello Flo, a company that sends monthly care packages to menstruating teenage girls, brilliantly uses humor around a sensitive subject. Their first video about “Camp Gyno” went viral with 8 million views (currently. But their second video,  in which mom throws a “period party” to taunt her daughter for faking her first period, took the Internet by storm recently. It currently stands at 23 million views. 


Hailey, Idaho-based Peaceful Belly Farm recently busted out  their own organic-farm inspired version of 1996’s No Diggity, by hip hop group, Blackstreet in this video. Employees seem to be loving staring in this commercial for their “Freaks of the Garden Sale” to promote what what one news outlet says “is sure to go down as  the most epic one day heirloom tomato sale of all time.”

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