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Don’t understand Lady Gaga’s 7-minute “G.U.Y” video? A fan breaks it down

Last night, Lady Gaga released the much-anticipated video for the next single off of her ARTPOP album, “G.U.Y.” In Gaga fashion, the video is seven minutes long (eleven minutes, if you count the music over the scrolling credits). It’s her longest video to date, even longer than the “Telephone” video which featured Beyonce. It’s chock-full of images and symbolism, all designed to tell a story related to Gaga’s life. But to casual viewers and non-Gaga fans, much of it may be undecipherable. It’s important to know what has been going on lately in Gaga’s life to be able to piece together what she is trying to say in the video.

Luckily, die-hard Little Monsters who frequent fan websites such as GagaDaily.com are on the job. Jono, a 21-year old fan from Australia, was the first to break down the story line and symbolism of the imagery in the film. 

First watch the “G.U.Y. video.

Then check out Jono’s explanation of the video. (Reprinted from Jono’s post on GagaDaily.com.)

The Secret Society is known as G.U.Y. – girl under you. She’s under you (no longer at the top of the music industry) but she’s in control and powerful. Gaga and her idea of society – you don’t need to be on top to be powerful in the artistic sphere, in relationships and in the music industry.

The Price of Commercialism is the death of ART
Gaga has crash landed. She was a soaring phoenix during the incipient years of her rise in the pop industry. With her streaks of number 1s on the pop charts, that night she won 10 VMAs and winning multiple Grammys. She was also a cultural juggernaut.

However, after Born This Way, an injury and being cast out, she is left to die by those who only used her for money. They know that she is a money maker, however they don’t care about her. ART lies DEAD under the money of the men of the music industry. Pop reigns supreme.

But A hybrid can withstand these things


Gaga’s struggle to her feet reflects her solitude in the battle to be herself in a world where men only want to use her for money.

Venus, love and the need to rebirth
Neptune Pool is a cesspool for creativity. The HAUS and embryonic creative space bring her and heal her mind and soul – giving her the opportunity to rebirth from a safe space. It is both a funeral to lay to rest the pain of the past and a state of rebirth.


While she’s rebirthing and absent from the music industry, it is taken over by RHOBH like artists – A commentary on mindless money making hollow music


Appear awkward, glitz and glam while faux playing instruments. It is a commentary on shoving mindless and substance-less music down people’s throats. If I’m rich, if I can afford it, put me in a music video and make me look musical and professional. It is intentionally awkward. They would know that the blonde lady is playing the chello [sic] in the wrong position.

REBIRTH/Neptune Pool/Visual Filler 


Dance scene, fashion, scenic crane shots – what a music video should be

Room full of rebirthed “Saints” “Philosophers” “Musical Icons”/ Cloning
There is a reference to Minecraft “/gamemode ARTPOP” (and previously Andy Cohen and the RHOBH – a show Gaga has professed to love). These together could represent elements of Gaga’s hobbies during the time of her injury. They are interspersed as comical and interesting parts of her personal life.

They take the DNA of Jesus (Love, Powerful, Wisdom), Ghandi, (Love, Wisdom), MJ (Talent, Love) and create a society of those who serve art (men in black suits). It is interesting to note that Ghandi, MJ and Jesus were all betrayed by the people they served. There is a duality here, Gaga could be talking about the love and compassion she spreads with her Little Monsters.

Taking over the Industry


Gaga blasts money to distract the money hungry music machine. With that opportunity, she uses it to push art, love and compassion into the industry. She removes the management from before. The reign of the money machine is over.


The world is now safe for her little monsters and people to leave the castle. For ART and POP to belong together.


“There’s a deeply creative rebellious spirit …It’s about freeing yourself of the expectations of the music industry and the expectations of the status quo. I never liked having my skirt, measured for me in school or told how to do things or the rules to play by. And as you get more and more successful, they push the rule book closer and closer to you and say to you, ‘now you’re here, and how are you going to maintain it.'”


This last quote that Jono includes in his synopsis of the video is from Gaga’s SXSW Music keynote interview  on March 14, 2014 in Austin, Texas. It provides some insight into Gaga’s rebellious spirit and why she first needed the music industry machine to get her started. But now she finds that its constant push for making money from her art is constrictive and stifling, slowing almost killing the artist. The video, as Jono explains, is her vision that the music industry could once again be centered on art of the music.

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