Jackie Huba

Great marketing starts conversations

“What does Outbox do?

This is the question I asked the uniformed person that just got out of this crazy looking car in front of my condo building recently. The Outbox employee explained that it is a service that picks up your physical mail, scans it, and allows you to access the digital scans from a computer. It’s great for people who travel alot and who don’t want to miss important mail. 

But what I love about Outbox is the design of the car that gets people talking. I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck this car was affiliated with and thus my question to the friendly Outbox employee. And oh by the way, this conversation happened in my condo lobby so the other three neighbors I was talking with also got to hear this conversation. Word of mouth marketing at its finest!

Good job Outbox.

2 Responses to “Great marketing starts conversations”

  1. Sarah Cook says:

    I love the Outbox mail service! It has cut paper clutter in my home and it makes it easy to access information when I am away from home (and believe me, I can find things faster online).

  2. Cory Brown says:

    This is a great example of putting in some extra creative effort for a big PR payoff. Decisions like this can get overlooked when building a startup because it’s hard to nail the ROI on a crazy looking car or campaign. But I think it does matter, and might just be that extra special thing that gets you the buzz you need.

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