Jackie Huba

The best customer service is invisible


I am huge fan of Nordstrom. They have famed customer service and that is one of the reasons why I shop there. But even I was surprised by this.

Last week I was shopping at Nordstrom and bought merchadise at a few departments. The strip on my Nordstrom VISA card had apparently stopped working because each cashier had trouble swiping the card and had to resort to typing in the numbers into the register. I made an offhand comment to one of the cashieres that I would have to call in to the card customer service later and request a new card.

Of course that became just one more thing on my to-do list and I didn’t call in. To my surprise, I opened my mail on Saturday and there was a brand new shiny silver Nordstrom VISA card. Apparently one of the cashiers took it upon themselves to order a new one for me. Awesome.

I didn’t ask for a new card but one of the cashiers took the initiative to delight this customer. And that is customer service worth talking about. 


5 Responses to “The best customer service is invisible”

  1. Elaine Fogel says:

    Great story, Jackie. Remember the old Carly Simon song, “Anticipation?” That’s what I hear in my head. :)

  2. Melody says:

    Jackie, I love this kind of story! Makes me happy to hear. I too shop at Nordstrom partly for their great customer service! (I have a crazy Seattle bias, and sometimes think that Seattle invented great customer service since both Starbucks and Nordstrom are Seattle-based companies, but I know that’s not true, and just my Seattle bias.)

  3. Chris Bailey says:

    Jackie, what I love about your experience is that it shows how simple great customer service can be. It starts with actually listening and then taking action. And knowing Nordstrom, they probably make this whole process easy for their employees. Just taking care of those small details makes a huge difference to your continued loyalty. Good stuff!

  4. Robin says:

    Great example! Goes to show how important actually listening to your customers is

  5. Maria P says:

    As a former Nordstrom employee, I was fortunate to experience these “invisible” acts of kindness from fellow coworkers on a daily basis. Listening is such an invaluable skill!

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