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Monster Loyalty is now available!

Monster-Loyalty-3D-cover_smI am excited to announce that Monster Loyalty is now available!

This is a book that I am extremely excited about because it argues that Lady Gaga didn’t become the success she is today based solely on her talent. She did so by engendering immense loyalty from her fans – not just through her music – but through the message she embodies and the community she has built around that message.  In four short years, Lady Gaga has built an army of passionate fans that numbers in the tens of millions around the globe. My book explores how she did it, uncovering seven loyalty lessons and providing a playbook for building this kind of loyalty in any organization.

I’m big on inspiring examples and this book is no exception. With examples from businesses such as MINI, Fiskars, and Maker’s Mark, Monster Loyalty offers a complete case study that can be modeled in companies large and small to build, maintain, and expand the core customer base central to their success.

My hope is that by studying and employing Lady Gaga’s intuitive customer strategies, readers will be equipped to improve their customer loyalty.

Monster Loyalty is available on AmazonB&N800-CEO-READ and anywhere books are sold.

For those who read the book and enjoy it, I would so appreciate it if you would consider writing a review for the book on Amazon and sharing your thoughts via social media.

In addition, I’d love for you to consider a simple question: when have you either exhibited profound customer loyalty? I’d love for you to share an anecdote about the time (and why it occurred) on your blog, Twitter or even Instagram. Tag the post #monsterloyalty (My post is here.

Thanks for sharing in the excitement of this launch—I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book!


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