Jackie Huba

What do you have #monsterloyalty for?


I love the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was born near Pittsburgh and watched them win 4 four Super Bowls as I was growing up in the ’70’s. I run the Steelers fan club here in Austin. I own six Terrible Towels and went to the Super Bowl in 2011 to see the Steelers play. When I was considering getting a tattoo — almost all Austin, Texas residents have one — I knew getting the Steelers logo was a safe bet because I knew I would love them for life.

I am a Steelers “One Percenter,” one of the die-hard super fans that make up about 1% of a customer base. This One Percenter concept is based on research from my previous book, Citizen Marketers. My coauthor and I discovered that the most highly engaged particpants in a community make up a tiny percentage of the overall customer base but are vocal passionate evangelists who bring new customers into the fold through word of mouth.

In my upcoming book Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics, I discuss how Lady Gaga has built a following numbering in the millions worldwide but focuses most of her efforts on engaging her One Percenters, her “Little Monsters.” In my four years of research, I’ve been amazed at the depth of “monster loyalty” that these fans show for Gaga.

In consulting with companies over the years, I find that many companies and brands don’t know who their One Percenters are, or even if they have any. So let’s find out how much monster loyalty is out there for products and brands.

What product/company/brand/non-profit do YOU have monster loyalty for? What is the craziest thing you have ever done to show your love for a brand? Maybe not a tattoo but I would love to hear about how much you love this product or brand and have you share your loyalty for the world to see.

Share your story in a blog post, upload an Instagram picture, or write a tweet about your fanaticism for a brand/product/company and tag it #monsterloyalty. The amazing folks at FeedMagnet are aggregating all of the social content based on the #monsterloyalty hashtag for all to see. Check it out here!

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