Jackie Huba

Want to be part of the Monster Loyalty book tour?


My forthcoming book, Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics, ships May 2, 2013. I’m planning a book tour and I’d love for you to help determine the tour schedule.

From May through June 2013, I will visit 10 companies, association chapters, member groups, or what-have-you anywhere in North America to deliver a 60-minute, informative keynote presentation about how Lady Gaga has built a worldwide passionate fan base that number in the tens of millions, and the lessons that businesses can learn in engendering loyalty in their own customers. 

I’ll explain the methods behind Lady Gaga’s success and isolate the seven strategies businesses can learn from her, including how Gaga focuses mainly on her “one percenters.” She spends most of her efforts on just 1% of her audience, the highly-engaged superfans who drive word of mouth. I’ll explain how Gaga leads with her values: she is consistent in her message of being yourself and loving others for who they are. That type of display of values creates a deep emotional connection with customers. I’ll unpack how Gaga constantly gives her One Percenters something to talk about. Whether by wearing a meat dress or ‘dying’ in a pool of blood onstage, she knows what will get people talking. I’ll share these lessons and more from Gaga on how to create intense loyalty in your customer base.

If you want me to speak at your event, just purchase at least 200 books for attendees, pick up my travel expenses and I’ll be there. The tour dates are first-come, first-serve. Once 10 dates are booked, they’re gone. (Outside of May and June, normal speaking fees will apply.)  

If you’re interested, email me asap at jackie [at] jackiehuba.com. The first group to have a signed agreement for a date gets it!

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