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How high will you fly in 2013?

IcarusSeth Godin wants you to fly closer to the sun. 

As a marketer, I’ve been inspired over the years by Seth’s advice on permission marketing, being a Purple Cow, building a tribe and other customer-related activities. In recent years, I’ve watched Seth morph from marketing guru to the “Oprah of Business.” Seth wants us to be the best people we can be and make a difference in the world with our work. The title of Seth’s new business self-help book, The Icarus Deception, refers to Greek mythology and story of Icarus. Icarus’ father built him wings constructed of feathers and wax and instructed him to not fly too close to the sun as he escaped the island of Crete. The wax would melt and he would fall into the sea and drown. As Icarus was excited and curious about flying, he did fly too close to the sun, the wax melted, and he did drown in the sea.

In his new book, Seth says that today, in the connected economy, we must not fall into the trap of flying just in our comfort zone. Those who want to make a difference with their work (or art, as Seth calls it) must use bravery, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo. Seth says that creating ideas that spread and connecting the disconnected are the two pillars of our new society, and both of them require the posture of an artist. He says that art isn’t a result but a journey, and the challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and your soul.

This book really hit home for me regarding my lastest project. I will admit to you that when I thought about actually writing a business book about Lady Gaga, I was fearful. I had previously written two…how should I say…more conventional business books, and with a coauthor. Could I do the next book by myself? Would businesspeople take a book about flamboyant Lady Gaga as a case study seriously? I procrastinated on the book idea for months, hating that I didn’t have the balls to just do it. Finally I realized I was going to regret not putting something into the world that I was so passionate about. I hired some great people to help me with the book: brilliant publishing consultant/agent Todd Sattersten and amazing editor Kate Sage. The book will come out in May, and regardless of how well it does or doesn’t do, it is a piece of art that that I felt compelled to create and I’m glad I did.

I think this is what Seth is talking about in this book. Take action. Make a ruckus. Create art. Make connections to others.

As you are thinking and planning for this year, you should definitely read this book. I hope you will be as inspired as I was reading it. I’m already thinking of my next project. And it’s a doosey : ) Thanks Seth.

BONUS: Here’s the video trailer for The Icarus Deception:

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