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Sad Erebelle update

Readers of this blog may know that we’ve been working with Erebelle, a women’s apparel business based here in Austin.

Eric Simone, Erebelle’s founder and CEO, has this update:

The last few years have seen Erebelle overcome many challenges to produce the finest in women’s active wear.  I am very proud at what we have accomplished. Erebelle today is the #1 seller at my wife’s boutique, Girl Next Door. However, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to shut down the Erebelle business. The current state of the economy along with the rising cost of production, partially due to the price of gas, have made it extremely difficult to grow a start-up clothing business. For those of you still interested in (remaining) Erebelle merchandise, we will continue to offer (it) at Girl Next Door.  Thanks to all who selflessly gave their time and effort toward making Erebelle something special.

We are very sad at this development but understand the economics. We know Eric invested a lot of money in Erebelle and was never able to turn a profit. Just having a remarkable product — which is how we considered Erebelle’s products — is no guarantee of success.

4 Responses to “Sad Erebelle update”

  1. Or as they say on TechCrunch, we hit the Deadpool.

  2. Kelly says:


    Sorry to hear it. Your excitement at working with them was so palpable, it must be a big blow. And sorry for Eric, too. I know from experience how much a loss like this can hurt.



  3. jeremyy says:

    sorry to hear about it. Know you put your heart into it. Know it’s cliche, but having failed at a start-up myself, I do believe that you learn as much (or more) from the failures as the successes.

  4. I feel your pain, having launched a start up 4 years ago with our own line, it’s been a very bitter year and so hard to even sustain our momentum.
    My heart goes out to you,
    Monica Rodgers

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