Jackie Huba

Customer Evangelism University

We had a great class for Customer Evangelism University last week. Check out the picture of Ben kicking off the 2-day workshop in Chicago at the fabulous Catalyst Ranch.


Attendees of Day 2 were trained as “evangelists” and built plans to integrate customer evangelism strategies in their companies. Here’s an email from a woman whose colleague attended:

“Thank you for the 2-day event that Mark attended! He is a changed person and is more passionate about our company and our mission then he has ever been. I am truly amazed and excited!

“Mark has developed a plan for us and Mark, Jim and I (representing Sales, Marketing & Customer Service) have begun a team to start infusing the Tenets (of customer evangelism) into our daily culture. Mark’s new outlook is a great success story and will have a great impact on us being able to implement ‘Creating Customer Evangelists’ into our everyday culture.”

We’re planning the next Customer Evangelism University right now. Stay tuned.

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