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Showering with Paula Zahn

The Kimpton Group hotels have created evangelists out of us! There’s so much to evangelize:

– The chic-ness of the hotel decor, without being pretentious
– The free high-speed Internet access in every room
– Great service from customer-focused employees
– Gourmet restaurants in the hotels

But there’s more… During our trip to San Francisco last week for a book signing at Borders downtown, we stayed at Kimpton’s Serrano Hotel. Since we are part of their Inner Circle guest program, we were upgraded to an executive suite. (Keep in mind that this is a mid-priced hotel. Read on…)

We were astonished to discover a bathroom to blow all bathrooms away. It:

– Was huge, probably 10′ by 14′
– Had a stereo system with speakers
– Had a shower with eight — 8 — shower heads, including an overhead waterfall
– Had TV in the shower, with speakers

Here’s a pic of Ben in the shower:

Photo 014.jpg

Talk about giving your customers something to talk about. The lesson here: Quirkly things, like an 8-headed shower, propel customers to spread the word.

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  1. I am off

    I wanted to thank everyone for the SF hotel suggestions. I ended up going with the Serrano Hotel. Ben and Jackie wrote about it back in September and gave it a big thumbs up. I can only hope for the upgrade they got. I am certain there will be stories …

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