Jackie Huba

Now here's a product to evangelize…

Band-Aid brand Liquid Bandage. This new product puts a liquid “Band-Aid” on those cuts and scrapes in hard-to-deal-with places. Like your finger.

I gouged my finger on a sharp edge of the stove Saturday. Gouged it good. I went through 10 regular Band-aids in one day because of washing my hands, cleaning, etc.

I’d heard somewhere about the new Liquid Bandage and bought it Saturday night. Add 4 drops of purple liquid onto an applicator, apply it over the cut, and presto: it creates a clear waterproof bond. The invisible Band-Aid doesn’t come off when washing your hands, or while in the shower. When the new skin is created and the old skin cells slough off, so does the Liquid Bandage.

Now that’s a “Purple Cow” kind of product.

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