Jackie Huba

The eBay Cause

From the “Create a Cause” files: eBay’s annual customer conference is not about boring presentations and exhibition-floor tchotkes, and the 2003 confab held true to form. “For many of those who attended the meeting, which featured its own array of special-edition pins and trading cards, eBay, they said, is more than a company, it is a culture and a cause.”

CEO Meg Whitman sees the conference as ripe opportunity for valuable customer feedback and ideas. From the continual conversation that eBay has had with customers since its creation in 1995, the company realizes that so many of them are living on what they make from eBay. To cross that emotional chasm with customers, eBay has signed a letter of intent with the U.S. Small Business Administration to help eBay sellers “develop business plans, learn how to manage their finances and, in some cases, get loans and other financial support.”

Another example of how eBay helps customers live their dreams.

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