Jackie Huba

Nike backlash

No posts last week… it was vacation time with the family.

During my break, I noticed that my dad was sporting brand new white sneakers. When I had asked what brand, he wasn’t sure but was absolute in this belief: “They sure as hell aren’t Nike. I can’t support a company who gives $90 million to LeBron James. Why don’t they support school athletic programs with that kind of money? Even if they just gave half of that to schools imagine how that could help.”

Even my non-marketing-savvy father who spent his career working in a Pennsylvania steel mill can see through the marketing hype. What’s Nike’s cause? If we extrapolate my father’s viewpoint across others like him in the free world, it’s apparent that the company’s cause is to pay an obscene amount of money to a high school kid so he may buy as many Hummers, mansions and trouble as he can possibly afford; all in the name of exploiting LeBron’s name. Perhaps Nike would earn more customer evangelists if it were to support a cause that benefited thousands of high school kids instead of just one.

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