Jackie Huba

Speaking of Pittsburgh….

Some of its officials responsible for convincing residents to move downtown think advertising is the solution. An article by Post-Gazette columnist Brian O’Neill explains how $1.3 million is being spent on an advertising campaign to convince suburbanites to want to live downtown.

What a waste of money.

What’s going to really convince people to move? Seeing the community in action on a daily basis. That’s what gets people talking. Then the trusted word of residents in the downtown area will cause others to move downtown.

The apartments, the stores, the neighborhood — the experience of living downtown — is how it all adds up. Whether it’s cool, retro design, free wireless Internet for all residents, or special parking options, affordable rents or unique services businesses is what will attract and sell people, not a branding campaign. If Krispy Kreme can build a billion-dollar company without any advertising, then certainly Pittsburgh can convince hundreds of people to move downtown without spending $1.3 million to add to the smog.

To create success requires action and a can-do spirit. Is Pittsburgh really serious about this or just talking a good game?

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